Wine! ( grapes to remember…)

Do you like wine? Then you are one step closer to paradise at La Fontanita!

The Ardeche is the biggest department of France, with a variety of  landscapes and a superb production of wine.  Sometimes the wine comes from a single producer, but very interesting wines are also produced in the “caves cooperatives”. (I once took my mother to dinner  in Holland; I ordered a glass of Gris (pale rosé) with one of the dishes. It was delicious.I ordered another one, and then I saw the bottle; you won’t believe it! This Gris came from the nearest cave cooperative in the Ardeche and they made me pay 150% of the bottle’s worth for ONE glass.)

At La Fontanita, we organize some highly specialized wine-tastings, as an ‘aperitive dinatoire’, an apéritif with appetizers, like:

the “Traditional”: There will be local wines, red, rosé and white,With grape variety, such as Viognier, Grenache Blanc, Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot, Grenache Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon or mixtures.accompanied by local delicacies: Pork sausage, Pâté with chestnuts, Fresh goat cheese, Trout rillette (all from local producers).

Costs: 45 € p.p. (min. 4 pers.)

Of course,there are other secrets to share  about French Wine! Just ask for a theme,  like wine for fresh sea food, or the mighty reds!   Compare wines from different regions, specific grapes, … etc., you name it. I cherish my upbringing and education; We went to very good restaurants so I learned a lot about good food & wine. If you want to buy and ship wine, I will  bring you into contact with wine merchants and caves cooperatives.


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