COOKING with “FUT” courses

Food for my grandmother had to have one quality: FUT! (old Dutch expression, pronounced like “hut,” meaning energy, life force). With that tiny, three-letter word, she could either bless or condemn any food.

I remember her appelmoes . This Dutch apple sauce, she prepared in a saucepan that was only used to make this delightful treat. 40 years have passed, but in my memories, I can still smell and taste its deliciousness.

Yes, cooking was the traditional role for women. But what if I told you that this same cooking can bring us back to our female archetypes, and empower us beyond words?

Cooking is very basic. It’s simple focus should be to distinguish what brings or drains energy: a beautiful metaphor for life too. At the kitchen counter, like in life, it’s also about choices: ingredients, spices, textures, combinations  and cooking time.

At La Fontanita  I invite you to join me in cooking with the freshest ingredients available. To get your creativity flowing, there are lots of  ideas: Rural French, Caribbean, Asian, Vegetarian or Mexican to name a few.  Complete meals or  tapas. As a trained cook, I will be there  for assistance, but YOU will be the main chef. The best part? After cooking, we’ll share dishes and evaluate. Yum!

In the end… You might discover some golden rules for cooking, and maybe, just maybe, for your own personal growth. In the leisure time between cooking sessions you can let it all sink in your own mental and spiritual “pot,” so to speak. And start again the next day……

Practical information:

You can stay at La Fontanita and enjoy this leisurely cooking course  .There are two cooking courses this year.


dates:  9-16 Sept. ( other weeks on demand), costs: 695 €






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