The Guesthouse


The aim of La Fontanita is to give guests the opportunity to experience the wonders of nature and quiet.Click for some pictures!

It is the perfect cure for hard workers, families enjoying their holiday time together and artists looking for inspiration.

It is a wonderful large guesthouse. You enter the  spacious living room with six French doors from the terrace.  There are three cool bedrooms. (two in the lower ground floor, also accessible from the terrace). The kitchen is simple, nothing fancy but well equipped. The bathroom has a bath tub, wash basin and toilet. There is also a small fountain in the hall, another  toilet and an extra shower.

In front of the living room is a large terrace with a panoramic view of the mountains at the other side of the valley. In the wild garden below you can sit in the shadow of the apple tree.

The style is basic, refreshing and comfortable.

There’s only wifi, no TV.

The real luxury is the surrounding nature!

Workshops are an option, to be booked individually.

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