walks nearby (Chateau de Montlaur)

There are several beautiful walks around here like this one to the Chateau de Montlaur:

The Chateau de Montlaur sits high on the other side of the valley;

The Montlaur’s had their big castle at Aubenas. To defend the valley, they built a tower for 20 soldiers and the chapel of Saint Medard on  a ‘nipple’ on the mountain, inaccessible and catching the last rays of sunshine.

It is a magical spot! You can see the village and roads below. Up there you’ll feel like you’re back in medieval times with a view of  the forests, the mountains and the wind blowing in your hair.

It is an easy walk from the RN 102 but you can also include it in a walk from la Fontanita or from Mayres.

Mayres, the village closest to La Fontanita, now has 257 inhabitants, two restaurants and one bakery.  Since 2017 even a cultural centre!  In the old occidental language (the Patois), Mayres means “Mères” ( mothers).

Once there were ten restaurants, two factories for the production of silk and various shops. Transport was by foot or mule.

An old farmer once told me: ” In my whole life, I have been only twice to Aubenas”(the historical town 45 min. away). There were  ovens, mines and foot-paths from one hamlet to another. Every year I am surprised to discover yet another corner or path of the valley.

We provide walking-maps and the French magazine “Balades” wrote an article about the walk to Montlaur. Please click on the links below for that article and a map with some of the walks.

walk chateau de montlaur


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